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SCHURTER 电源线插头 V-Lock 锁扣固定系统,可用于许多国家/地区的插头/长度.

SCHURTER 电源线插头 V-Lock 锁扣固定系统,可用于许多国家/地区的插头/长度.

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IDC connectors

IDC connectors are a highly efficient way of wiring and provide a massive time and cost reduction.

IDC connectors are a highly efficient way of wiring and provide a massive time and cost reduction.




供电系统设备已在全球范围内实现标准化,其目的在于确保产品的高度可靠性并提供全球适用的解决方案。同时提升了对所有零部件和材料用户的操作可靠性的要求。SCHURTER集团的产品以适用于全球认证产品的IEC 60320标准为依据,因此无论选用哪种零部件,均可保证设备插头和插座连接顺畅。



Light pipes

For some SCHURTER device socket outlets for PDUs, the installation of light pipes is possible.

The light pipes installed in the outlet are designed to channel light coming from LEDs mounted on a printed circuit board to the surface of the outlet. Each outlet generally has its own circuitry and, depending on the complexity of the monitoring system, may require several types of indicating functions. The outlets are capable of providing up to four light pipes, one in each of the four corners of the connector. The side of the outlet with the ground pin provides extra space around the two corners, allowing for the most prominent and thus popular position.

In addition, there is no need for separately installed optical fibers or LEDs which reduces costs.

V-Lock cord retention system for IEC connector

The V-Lock cord retention system can be plugged in to IEC 60320 at 10A and 16A.

With V-Lock, the power connector is equipped with a pin that interlocks with a special notch in the inlet on the power cord and thus reliably prevents the cord from being pulled out unintentionally. The advantage of this scheme is that no clamping system specific to a unit’s power inlet or retaining bracket must be adapted and attached. The lock is released by pressing a finger on the disengaging lever. This lever is easily identified due to its bright yellow colour, a feature that also distinguishes this scheme from conventional pluggable power supply systems.

The V-Lock cord retention system prevents unintentional pulling out or loosening of the power cord in a simple way.

High availability and reliability are essential in our business. In SCHURTER, we have a long-term partner, on which we can rely.

Adrian Riedo, Founder and CEO, Riedo Networks LTD.

IDC connectors

IDC plug connectors are so-called insulation displacement connections. The insulated conductor is pressed into the insulation clamp without prior confection. The insulation is cut at the terminal and the electrical connection is ensured by means of the clamping connection to the wire. For a perfect connection the conductor cross-sections from the data sheet have to be taken into account accordingly.

IDC connectors have proven their worth in many applications (e.g., power distribution units). Due to this connection technology, the wiring effort is significantly reduced and the contacting is very reliable.





SCHURTER的产品与服务符合最高质量要求,因为SCHURTER应用了质量-环境-安全管理系统,如ISO 9001、ISO 14001、OHSAS 18001、六西格玛方法和EFQM卓越模型。所有产品均实行国别测试标签,如德国电气工程师协会(VDE)、欧洲标准电器认证(ENEC)、UL、国家强制性产品认证(CCC)等。此外,由于集团各公司和分销商的国际合作网井然有序,客户可从卓越服务和交货期短中获益。

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